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Michael R Dougherty once did "The World's Greatest Wheelie" in Anchorage, Alaska and ended up polishing the sidewalk with his face and wrecking a good friend's bike.

I LOVE your video!

Michael R Dougherty is a professional storyteller, Humorist, Writer who relates to audiences of all ages with clean, humorous stories about growing up in Alaska, and funny stories about things that take place in our everyday lives.  Your audience will laugh, be motivated and inspired.

"Mike is an exceptional entertainer. His storytelling skills and his wholesome, welcoming style holds his audience's attention throughout. Great fun!"


You'll smile, you'll enjoy Alaska sized laughs, and your event will be a success.

Every group Mike speaks to is different, so every presentation is targeted to meet the needs of your audience.

Growing Up In Alaska

Mike grew up in a family where humor and laughter were an important part of everyday life, and helped them through good times and bad. From fun family adventures in Alaska and along life's funny back roads, to humorous fictional tales - telling stories from Alaska and beyond has always been a part of Mike's life.

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Here are just a few of the fun stories you'll discover:

  • What's a Calaskan?
  • Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse
  • The Popeye Effect
  • Terror on Windigo Island
  • A Chocolate Bar in the Medicine Cabinet

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