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How would you like to learn online at your own pace?

Teaching others my expertise in a variety of areas has been a passion of mine since I first started teaching an offline class titled "How to Make Money Online.".

Beginning in 2005 when I made my very first online sale, I knew that I could make money online with websites, blogs and eBooks.

Beginning with a course titled "How to Make Money Online" I began teaching for our town's continuing education program, which included teaching about building your own websites.

Michael R Dougherty - What Mike's Students Say

"Mike's classes are literally worth their weight in gold! Mike has an engaging enthusiasm for his content and REALLY knows his stuff.

I also enjoy the inspiration he gives to each and every student that we CAN DO what he encourages us to do - Mike seems to genuinely care about his students bettering themselves."

Paul (student)

"I would definitely recommend Mike's course to all my friends. Mike's instruction and guidance are so inspirational and rewarding. Thanks for all your great help Mike."

Bob (student)

"Mike's class may become one of the turning points of my life. I am very grateful that Mike is a teacher who can influence not only with much more practical cutting-edge information, but also more importantly with his passion, inspiration and genuineness.

I believe that more and more people will be touched by Mike's effective and authentic teaching."

Jian (student)

My teaching also includes courses at Golden Oak Adult School in Santa Clarita, California where I teach "How to Make Money Online with eBooks", "Creative Writing" and "How to Start Your Own Business" which includes valuable information about creating a website for your local business.

My professional background also includes over 30 years in Television and motion picture production

That experience included an Emmy award for my camera work and writing numerous screenplays including "The Long Ride Home", a family western starring country singer Randy Travis and Oscar winner Earnest Borgnine (although I did not receive on-screen credit).

In addition I have over 15 years worth of valuable experience in Marketing, both on and off-line.

These experiences give me a unique ability to relate to my students and to communicate new information and ideas in a fun, creative atmosphere.

Michael R Dougherty - Online Course Instructor

Do you want to learn something that can change your life, be motivate and inspired to achieve your goals?

Team up with Mike by taking one of his online courses.

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