Michael R Dougherty

Michael R Dougherty is a storyteller, writer, humorist and author of humor, business and short story ebooks.

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"I just read "How to Become a 30 Second  Business Networking SuperStar." I Loved it and it cleared up so much for me."


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A classic western short story

"A super funny book that reminds us all of the foibles of growing up. Told with a great sense of humor."

Bonnie Mutchler, Author

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Your life is fast-paced, and now you can enjoy a good read during lunch on the go on your mobile device, or at home on your laptop.

Imagine an author who writes short fiction and information filled ebooks that are perfect to read during your lunch break. That's what Michael R Dougherty's books are all about.

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Are you up for some entertaining fiction, or an information filled how-to book? Or do you want some motivation or inspiration to help supercharge your day.

How would you like to read one of Mike's books right now? You can instantly download a book and be enjoying your read just seconds from right now.

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