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You'll learn powerful,
magnetic business introductions. Strategies to supercharge
your "elevator speech".
And the Power of Three.

Learn to turn this
little used strategy
into a prospecting
gold mine.
And establish yourself
as the "go to" person.

Your prospects will
remember your
business cards.
This simple technique
is a powerful
marketing tool.

"Mike's information is literally worth it's weight in gold! Mike has an engaging enthusiasm for his content and REALLY knows his stuff." Paul

The networking tips and strategies you'll learn here, will give you a valuable edge toward your success.

Does this sound familiar?

In today's fast-paced world, your time is valuable and what you do with your time will make the difference between working hard or working smarter.

When you're at a business gathering, you only have so much time to spend a few moments with your current contacts, and to meet new prospects.

And have you noticed that most of the people in the room us the same old tired, worn-out introductions?

Hello, my name is... then they wait for the other person to introduce themselves. Next, if they remember, they ask the person what they do. Usually, that person starts droning on-and-on about their business and themselves.

But nobody really listens -

Then maybe, just maybe, at least somewhere in the conversation, one of them might get around to asking for the other person's business card.

This is followed by a bit of a clumsy dance where both people start digging thru their pockets, purses or wallets, fishing for their business cards.

And one or the other of them is likely to say the ever popular, "oh I left my business cards in my car" or the old stand-by, "I don't have my business cards with me today."

But if by chance one or both of them actually have their business cards, they will each simply hand each other their card, then quickly stuff the card in a pocket or purse without even doing much more than glance at it.

Sound familiar?

Small Business Networking Superstar

Get ready to become a small business networking superstar

Imagine having a set of simple, but very powerful strategies that you can easily use to completely change those old, tired networking conversations into a pleasant, memorable exchange that makes the people you meet want to know more about you and your business or services?

And these game changing strategies work for:

  • Business Owners
  • Marketers
  • Multi Level
  • Sales Professionals
  • Entreprenuers
  • and others

Are you or you and your team looking for new prospects, or just showing up like everyone else at business networking gatherings?

Discovering Small Groups

Building your list of prospects one person at a time works well - but how would you like to supercharge your list by discovering the power of small groups?

You can quickly set yourself up as the "go-to" person when it comes to your product or services without even having to "sell".

In my book, "How to Grow Your Business Like a Superstar by Speaking to Small Groups" you'll learn how to turn this little used strategy into a very powerful small business networking tool.

And in my book I show you why you can get over any reluctance you might have to speak to a small group.

A great win-win strategy.

Now get ready to become a Small Business Networking Superstar

Happy Discovery, Happy Learning

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