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Could you survive?

"Gets your attention from the first sentence."

It's unearthly cry fills
the night air

as the evil moves over the land.
John Tucker, soldier of fortune and
tracker of strange beasts has
a jagged scar on his neck.
A mean reminder of a close encounter with the evil.

It's name is Chupacabra.
Imagine what would happen
if you came face to face with
pure evil.

Enjoy this Free Alaska Adventure

Alaska commercial fishing is

the hardest, most dangerous work
I have ever done in my life.

When I was only 16, my dad
got me a job on a purse seiner
out of the picturesque town of
Cordova, Alaska on
Prince William Sound.

I had no idea what a
purse seiner was,

but I was about to find out.

A scary and funny story

"Terror on Wendigo Island"

tells the very funny story of when author Michael R Dougherty
and his brother Tom went
camping on a dark, windy island
on a lake in Cordova, Alaska.

And how their imaginations filled their hearts with fear.

A scary and funny
Alaska adventure.

The books listed above are yours free. All are short stories and they make Good Lunchtime Reads.

Grab Some FREE Western Action

from Michael R Dougherty ebooks

These classic western short stories make perfect Good Lunchtime Reads.

There's plenty of two fisted old west action as you ride with Gus Baxter, a gun fighter, who later becomes a sheriff who takes no guff.

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Meet Michael R Dougherty

Every since my hair turned white, people keep telling me that I look like comedian Steve Martin.

But here's something cool. Steve Martin is also an accomplished writer. Now go ahead and squint at my picture to see if you think I look like Steve Martin.

I first started writing while I was in high school. A writing assignment taught me about stories with a beginning, middle and end.

Then something happened that amazed me -

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