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The Terror Begins - September 2018

chupacabra terror in the Night. The first book in an action filled three book series that follows fictional chupacabra hunter John Tucker.
chupacabra terror comes to life in chupacabra Cave of Evil the second book in an action filled three book series that follows the terrifying adventures of fictional chupacabra hunter john tucker.
chupacabra terror continues in chupacabra snow beast, the third action filled book in this terrifying three book series that follows fictional chupacabra hunter john tucker.

Book One - Chupacabra: Terror in the Night

It's unearthly cry fills the night air as the evil moves over the land. John Tucker, soldier of fortune and tracker of strange beasts has a jagged scar on his neck. A mean reminder of a close encounter with the evil. It's name is Chupacabra. Imagine what would happen if you came face to face with pure evil.

Book Two - Chupacabra: Cave of Evil

Where are these terrifying creatures coming from? The lower world? The great abyss? Yes, Hell itself. John Tucker finds a cave where a dark passage leads to a horrifying discovery. The evil of the Chupacabra lives far below.

Book Three - Chupacabra: Snow Beast

Imagine the chilling evil of the Chupacabra terrorizing the frozen north. John Tucker is called in to track down a snow beast that turns out to be part Bigfoot, part Chupacabra, and all evil.

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Every since my hair turned white, people keep telling me that I look like comedian Steve Martin.

But here's something cool. Steve Martin is also an accomplished writer. Now go ahead and squint at my picture to see if you think I look like Steve Martin.

I first started writing while I was in high school. A writing assignment taught me about stories with a beginning, middle and end.

Then something happened that amazed me -

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Western Series

This classic western short story series makes the perfect Good Lunchtime Read.

There's plenty of two fisted old west action as we ride with Gus Baxter, a gun fighter with a no nonsense approach to guns and justice.

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