Michael R Dougherty Books

Michael R Dougherty books are Good Lunchtime Reads including Alaska books, fiction and Marketing books.

Mike's Alaska Books

Mike's Alaska books include "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond", "My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure", "Terror on Wendigo Island " (a very funny Alaska story) and more.

Mike's Fiction Books

Get ready for Good Lunchtime Reads with Mike's westerns like "The Long Ride Home" and Sci-Fi books like "Chupacabra: Terror in the Night".

Mike's Marketing Books

Put Mike's 20 plus years experience to work for you to supercharge your marketing.  You'll discover "How to Become a 30 Second Business Networking SuperStar" "How to have a Customer Friendly Small Business Website" and "How to Grow Your Business Like a SuperStar".

Michael R Dougherty Books

You'll quickly discover that Mike's books are fun, informative and are all "Good Lunchtime Reads" because you can read one of his books in 30 to 45 minutes.

Beginning with his stories about growing up in Alaska, Mike quickly expanded to putting his 20 plus years in marketing to work with a series of books that will help you supercharge your marketing strategies.

And since Mike's dad was a working cowboy in his younger years, Mike wrote some fun western fiction as a "tip of his hat" to his dad. So saddle up and get ready for some fun western adventures.

A fan of science fiction since he was a young boy, Mike authored some "nail biting" sci-fi that you'll love. Take a look - if you dare.

Yes, you'll discover a variety of reading enjoyment.

The Lure of a Good Story

What are the four most exciting words in the entire world?

"Once upon a time"

Those four words tell us that we're about to be swept up in a story. And a story can take us anywhere. From the high seas, to a burning desert, or a new world in a galaxy yet to be discovered.

Yes, stories transport our imaginations and take us far away from the cares of the day.

Did you know that we have been hearing stories since before we were born?

While we were growing in our mother's womb, we could hear stories being told. Maybe it was your mom, your dad, a friend, something on TV, the radio or at a movie or play.

So the next time you hear "once upon a time" remember why you get so excited. And then get ready to be transported as you step into a new world.

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"Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond"

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