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Michael R Dougherty Blog brings you fun stories and the latest about Mike's show, "Humorous Stories from ALASKA...and beyond".

Alaska Books - Michael R Dougherty

Alaska books including humorous stories, Alaska adventures and fun nostalgic reading.

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Terror on Wendigo Island

Terror on Wendigo Island is a very funny story about trying to spend the night on a windy island near Cordova, Alaska.

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Testimonials - Michael R Dougherty

Testimonials about Michael R Dougherty and his show, Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond.

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Trouble at the Lucky Lady - Michael R Dougherty

Trouble at the Lucky Lady, a FREE book, brings old west gunfighter Gus Baxter to town where he becomes an 1800s sheriff.

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Chupacabra Terror in the Night

In Chupacabra Terror in the Night, soldier of fortune John Tucker comes face to face with pure evil.

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