Business Card Etiquette the SuperStar Guide

Business Card Etiquette the SuperStar Guide shows you step-by-step how to present your business cards like a superstar.

This is a powerful online course

We don't give much thought to our business cards. And when we hand them out, we do so kinda "any old way."

But the way you exchange your business cards can give you a big advantage over everyone else.

Did you know that there is actually a proper way to exchange your cards?

I created this online course, "Business Card Etiquette the SuperStar Guide" so that you could use this simple but powerful strategy to make your cards stand out from the crowd, and so that your cards will be remembered.

Presented in a video, I'm on camera and I actually walk you through this technique step-by-step.

7 Steps to Business Card Etiquette

1 - Always have your business cards with you, on your person or in card holder

2 - Make sure your cards have correct information and they are spotless

3 - Always exchange your cards at the end of your conversation

4 - Present your business card with two hands, like you are handing them a gift

5 - Take their card and pause to look at it.

6 - Find something on their card to comment on. "How long have you been Marketing Director?"

7 - Follow up with them in a day or two by phone or email

Business Card Etiquette the SuperStar Guide

Imagine, just changing the way you present and exchange your cards, will impact your business networking and the way prospective clients or customers will be taking notice of not only your cards, but the way you actually look at and respond to their business cards. Powerful.

And just think of how many business people really have no idea that there is actually a correct way to present their business cards. Most just develop their own style.

And because of that, when you start using this strategy, you'll quickly notice how your prospects and others take notice.

Now They'll Get Some Respect

Every time I teach a class on business card etiquette, students always come back to tell me that they have never looked at their cards or others in the same way.

This technique works and it works very well.

Here in the United States, we don't give our business cards much respect. In fact, some people use them so little that they have been heard to asked, "do people still use business cards?"

The answer is absolutely, positively yes!

Take this course and you'll have powerful information that will give you a huge advantage over everyone that just sort of "hands out their cards - sometimes".

Take this course and you'll never look at your cards or other people's cards in the same way again.

Happy Discovery, Happy Learning

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