Chupacabra Book Series

This Chupacabra Book Series includes three action packed fictional books featuring soldier of fortune and Chupacabra hunter, John Tucker.

The Terror Begins - September 2018

When the terror begins in September 2018, you get all three -

You'll be swept up into three action-packed stories as soldier of fortune John Tucker hunts and battles the Chupacabra.

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Chupacabra Book Series

Book One - Terror in the Night

It's unearthly cry fills the night air as the evil moves over the land. John Tucker, soldier of fortune and tracker of strange beasts has a jagged scar on his neck. A mean reminder of a close encounter with the evil. It's name is Chupacabra.

Book Two: Cave of Evil

Where are these horrifying creatures coming from? The lower world? The great abyss? Hell itself. John Tucker finds a cave where a dark passage leads to a chilling discovery. The evil of the Chupacabra lives far below.

Book Three: Snow Beast

Imagine the chilling evil of the Chupacabra terrorizing the frozen north. John Tucker is called in to track down a snow beast that turns out to be part Bigfoot, part Chupacabra, and all evil.

The Legend

Mythical beasts that roam in the night?

Have you seen the news stories about this creature called the "Chupacabra" that roams the night, looking for innocent prey. A goat, a chicken, or?

As mere humans, we sometimes see things that aren't really there. And we have come up with many descriptions of this creature that roams the night.

Does it have claws, great sharp teeth, and even feathers and a sharp beak? All of these descriptions, real or imagined, have been given by witnesses.

And because of the sensational legend, much has been written about this creature. It has been the immortalized in songs, movies and believe it or not, even a meat rub and beer.

But in my Chupacabra book series, you'll be transported into new worlds where the stories take you to places like the frozen, bone chilling north, where the legend has never gone before. But that's the great thing about legendary beasts. You can have lots of fun by taking the story to new settings and new adventures.

Now imagine reading these exciting stories while enjoying your lunch.

You'll leave your day behind as you're transported into fascinating adventures, and new worlds where you'll meet new characters and join them for an adventure of a lifetime. And all during your lunch.

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