Chupacabra Terror in the Night

In Chupacabra Terror in the Night, soldier of fortune, John Tucker comes face to face with pure evil.

"Gets your attention from the first sentence", Sandra

It's unearthly cry fills the night air as the evil moves over the land.

John Tucker, soldier of fortune and tracker of strange beasts has a jagged scar on his neck. A mean reminder of a close encounter with the evil. It's name is Chupacabra.

You'll be swept up in this adventure when Tucker is joined by Linda Marshall, a television journalist who's out to get video of this night creature, and Pablo, a local guide.

The three set off to find the Chupacabra and find themselves in a life or death struggle with the forces of Hell.

Imagine what would happen if you came face to face with pure evil.

Chupacabra Terror in the Night

The legend of the Chupacabra is brought to life in this short story by Michael R Dougherty.

From page one, you'll find yourself wondering if there is such a beast out there. But shortly into the story, you'll find yourself starting to believe.

And, when the evil attacks, your heart will be pounding as you imagine yourself trying to survive.

Another Good Lunchtime Read from author Michael R Dougherty.

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