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Anchorage is a fun website filled with stories about visiting or living in Alaska. All the stories you'll read are written from the hearts of website visitors who visited Alaska, live there, or used to live there.

You'll love the stories because when you read them, you get to experience Alaska.

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Contact Alaska Humor Speaker Michael R Dougherty

This website is all about fun -

Our website author is Michael R Dougherty, but you can call him Mike.

Mike was born in California, but raised in Alaska, which makes Mike a "Calaskan."

"Whenever someone discovers that I lived in Alaska, they always become fascinated. I was playing golf in Columbus, Ohio one day and a man was getting ready to tee off as he asked me where I was from. When I said "Alaska" he stopped in mid-swing and said "I've never met anyone from Alaska before."

Most people ask me and my wife (who is 1/4 Alaska Indian) things like "Did you live in an igloo"? "Have you ever seen the Northern Lights"? and "Does it stay dark in the wintertime"?

And here's an interesting observation -

Everyone that tells me they took a cruise to Alaska, has said that it was a wonderful experience, that Alaska is beautiful and that they want to go back to Alaska some day.

My wife and I have visited many places in the "lower 48" (the United States) and everywhere we go, there is a real curiosity about Alaska.

Some of the curiosity is because Alaska is so far away, it's as big as 2/3rds of the "lower 48" and it has a bit of mystery to it. But there is much more to the curiosity about Alaska. Now, there are plenty of TV shows about Alaska, so viewers get to see at least a little Alaska scenery, and they get to meet "Alaskans".

Can you imagine the Northern Lights? What do you think a beautiful, snowy winter night would be like in Alaska? You see, there is also a romantic mystery about the Great Land.

My show, "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond" captures a bit of the mystery. And when I present my show, I transport my audience to Alaska through my stories.

Are you ready to visit Alaska through my fun stories?"

To learn more about Mike, check out our Meet Michael page.

Have fun and keep laughing

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