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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do use the strategies you talk about in your books and courses?

A - Yes. As a marketing and sales professional, I came up with and used the strategies you discover here.

Q - What if I buy one of your books and want to return it?

A - I've got you covered. Check out the "My Dog Ate My Book" guarantee I offer you.

Q - Do you offer coaching services?

A - Yes, 1 on 1 coaching is available

Q - What about Business Networking Online - do you offer information about that?

A - I am currently putting together a book that will focus on Business Networking online

Q - Where are your books available online?

A - You'll find them at these and other websites. Amazon, iBooks, Barns & Noble, Kobo, Scribd and more.

Q - Do you offer online courses?

A - Yes, I currently have two online courses and I'm working on adding more

Q - What is your favorite ice cream?

A - Chocolate - what's yours?

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That's right. You'll be in control because what you say and how you present your business cards will result in positive reactions from your potential prospects.

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