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Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Humor Speaker Michael R Dougherty and his fun live show, "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond".

First of all, we want to make booking Michael easy and fun for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you show slides, or movies of Alaska?

A - My live show does not currently include the use of slides or movies. My show is created by telling fun stories and  interacting with my audience.

Q - Is your humor appropriate for all ages?

A - Yes.  My shows are always clean humor and my stories are suitable for all ages.

Q - Do you need a podium?

A - I do not use a podium. I bring a small table which I set off to one side of the stage.

Does Your Alaska Show Involve Audience Participation?

Q - What kind of audience participation do you include in your show?

A - I love this question because one of my shows gets your audience involved during my first story by singing "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" song. In another show we make everyone in our audience "Alaskans for the day." And at the end of every show we answer questions about Alaska from the audience. There is always audience participation.

What is Your Booking Fee?

Q - What is your fee for doing a one hour show?

A - For senior citizen shows it's around $100, but we are open to negotiation if you have budget considerations. For groups, after dinner shows, or churches, we will work with your budget.

* - we can also set a ticket price for other venues.

How do You Help Promote Your Alaska Humor Show at Our Facility?

Q - Do you have marketing material we can use to promote your show here at our facility?

A - Yes. We will send you a color, one-sheet flyer, and/or jpg of our flyer that you can easily use to promote Michael's live show. And we can send you "blurbs" that you can use for newsletters, activity calendars and other printed material.

How Else Will You Help Us Promote Your Show?

Q - Are there other ways you can help us promote your show?

A - Yes. I love this question, because when I arrive at your senior facility, I will personally go around and invite your residents to my show. And when they enter the area where I will be entertaining, I will great them and even help them find a seat.

Still Have Questions?

Do you have a question, comment or suggestion we haven't answered here?

We want to make your experience a great one. You can visit our Contact Michael page to send Mike an email - he promises to get back to you within 48 hours -

Or give Mike a call at 661-210-9386.

Now Let's Get Together

"Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond" is a fun live show that your audience will love.

So send me an email, or give me a call to book me for your residents, your group or your event.

Let's have some fun

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