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Funny stories from Alaska humor speaker Michael R Dougherty, author of Humorous Stories from ALASKA and beyond.

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My live show is "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond"

The words "and beyond" are included because some of my fun stories take place in other locations besides Alaska. And right now you're about to discover some of those stories.

At my live show performances, audience members often tell me that many of my stories remind them of when they were growing up. I love hearing that because I enjoyed a lot of experiences growing up in Alaska, and in other places I've visited across the U.S.A.

Now site back, relax and enjoy the following stories that are guaranteed to make you smile.

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Help, My Pants Are On Fire

The hilarious story
of a man, a cigar,
and a challenge to God

How Not To Smoke A Pipe

A funny, but true story
about how trying to
look cool on a
college campus
turned into a nightmare

Never Brush Your Teeth
With Your Eyes Closed

A man, a hangover
and what he thought
was a tube of toothpaste

Funny Stories

The Renovation Monster
Ate My House

Laugh along with Mike
as he tells the funny story
of living in his house
while it was being

Bury a Smoking Log

Would you believe
Mike in a garden
at midnight
burying a smoking log
in his underwear?

Peat Moss Birthday Cake

What happens
when a guy
buys a
birthday cake?

You won't believe it!

More Fun

There Was a Lizard on My Back

Mike found a new pet
then he lost it
and couldn't find it

but his mom did

Kings of Sole

How do you make money
fishing under a cannery
in Cordova, Alaska?

Mike and Tom become
the "Kings of Sole"

Like How Many Likes do You Like Use

A funny story about how a fad
has taken over the way we talk.

So have you like heard this one?

The Time Warp

Mike and Mary's mysterious

movie theater adventure

where time made no sense

While most of the stories on this page are actually real-life adventures that Mike experienced, or that Mike experienced with his wife Mary and their two children, Nikki and Christopher -

Some of the stories are real-life adventures that happened to friends, who told their stories to Mike. But any way you look at it, these stories are funny. And if you look closely, you might just be reminded of some of your very own adventures.

Because life is full of adventures and stories are all around us, Mike continues to add fun stories to this page for your enjoyment.

And, during Mike's live show, "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond" some of these stories are part of the "... and beyond" stories that Mike tells.

So take the time to read a story, or two, or even three. Heck, these are all guaranteed to make you smile. And when you book Mike to present his show "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond" he might just tell one of these stories for your group, residence, or organization.

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Have fun and keep laughing

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