How to Grow Your Business Like a Superstar - Yours Free

How to Grow Your Business Like a Superstar shows you a powerful strategy for getting new prospects. And it's your's free.

What if you could become the "go-to" expert,

for your product or services?

This underused strategy is very powerful and will help you get in front of groups of people who will quickly think of you as the one to contact when they need your products or services.

In this fascinating ebook your discover how to get yourself "booked" to speak in front of small groups to talk about your products or services.

Every weekday there are groups in every town in America, that are looking - no, they "must have" speakers for there meetings. And that's where you come in.

You won't be selling anything (the groups won't allow that) but you will be giving them valuable information they need.

What You'll be Telling Them

Suppose for a moment that you sell cosmetics -

Instead of talking about your product line, you'll be talking to your group of eager listeners about something having to do with a need they have.

You could talk about dry skin, what causes it, the problems it gives creates and how they can prevent the problem.

Of course you represent a product that prevents dry skin, but you won't be talking about that. Instead, you're giving them information and establishing yourself as the "go-to" expert.

You hand out your business cards and have your brochure available at the back of the room.

Later on, when someone who was in the group needs some help with their dry skin - who are they going to contact?

They will contact you -

See how it works?

Unlock the Secrets

In this information packed book you'll learn:

How the magic works

How to overcome your fear of public speaking

Why no selling

Using your business cards and hand outs

Looking for gold - how to find small groups

Meeting the group

The hottest referral you can get

and more

How to Grow Your Business Like a Superstar

Every aspect, from where to find local groups needing speakers, to actually meeting the group is covered in this book.

Now, instead of finding prospects one person at a time, you'll have an entire group of prospects to talk with. Imagine having a room full of interested listeners who will also have your business card so they can contact you later. And of course, you'll be available to talk with them after their meeting.

In How to Grow Your Business Like a Superstar, you'll be learning a successful strategy that can really give you an edge.

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