Humorous Stories from ALASKA and beyond - a fun book of stories about Mike's adventures growing up in Alaska.

"A super funny book that reminds us all of the foibles of growing up. Told with a great sense of humor."

Bonnie Mutchler, Author

from "Sledding on Thin Ice"

What happens when you mix 4 boys ages 9 to 11, a toboggan sled and a very steep hill covered with over two feet of freshly fallen snow?

There is one more piece to the puzzle -

A swift moving river, covered with a thin layer of ice.

from "The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot"

As the frozen tree lot attendant walked up to us, he tried to out-shout the howling wind with "you two picked one cold evening for Christmas tree shopping."

Through my frozen lips I answered "bbest way to gget a ggood ddeal rright?" But the lot attendant just shook his head "no" and shouted "take a look and let me know what you decide, I'll be over there next to my heater."

from "How to get a Moose to Say Cheese"

Suddenly, Moe lost his footing in the deep snow and ended up falling flat on his back. As he struggled to get back up, Moe realized that the snow was sticking to his sweater and the added weight was holding him down.

As he continued to try and get up, Moe could hear the moose walking toward him.



This is Mike, I've been a storyteller all my life -

And I've told the fun adventures my family experienced while I was growing up in the "Great Land", countless times throughout the years.

People have always loved hearing the stories, so I decided to write them down in a book before I slip, fall, bump my head and forget them.

So that's exactly what I did.

"Humorous Stories from ALASKA and beyond" is a collection of fun stories that took place mostly in and around south central Alaska. Including Anchorage, Wasilla, Cordova, the Alaska Highway and more.

You'll enjoy reading "The Popeye Effect" a story where I ended up trying to run through the wall of our log home when I was just 5 years old.

And do you know what they call someone who was born in California, but was raised in Alaska? Get my book and you'll find out.

Do you like to laugh? Then you'll love, "Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse" a fun story with an amazing, and famous ending.

Now you can join my family on a happy ride through a double dose of fun with our Alaska adventures.

Humorous Stories from ALASKA and beyond

My book is a fun read, and you'll quickly find your imagination transported the Alaska. A mysterious, far off land where fun and adventure await at every turn.

By Michael R Dougherty Copyright© 2016 - 2019 All Rights Reserved

"Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond"

Guaranteed to make you smile