Like How Many Likes do You Like Use?

Like How Many Likes do You Like Use is a fun look at the way some of us talk - like

Like How Many Likes do You Like Use? A funny story about the way some of us talk. Michael-R-Dougherty.comLike did I say like that many times - like

By Michael R Dougherty

Like have you ever noticed like how many times some people like use the word "like" when they like talk - like?

The answer is like - a lot

Some years ago a language fad swept across the land. And before you could say "like" it was being used like there was no tomorrow.

I think it all started with teens, and before you know it, the fad started infecting adults as well. Especially adults who have teens, or are around teens.

Now, the fad has become an infestation of biblical proportions -

It's all about using the word "like" as many times as you can in every sentence that you speak.

Here's like an example:

"I like went to the store to like buy some candy, but they were like out of my favorite. So like I had to buy like this other kind of like candy and like when I started to like eat it, the candy like kind of tasted like my favorite."

Like wow

Like How Many Likes do You Like Use

From 1959 to 1963 the CBS Television network ran the very popular sitcom, "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" starring Dwayne Hickman as the title character.

Bob Denver (later Gilligan, on "Gilligan's Island") played a character named Maynard G. Krebs, a beatnik who peppered his sentences with the word "Like".

Maynard would greet Dobie by saying "like hi". One of his other phrases was "like wow". So Maynard was really the first to use the word "like" all over the place when he spoke.

Not long ago I read several short articles about the summer experiences of some teens. One of the teens wrote about being on a ranch. But the teens article made me wonder what the teen was trying to say.

Here it is -

"I really liked this one horse, it was like the best horse there."

So was the horse actually like the best horse, or was it actually the best horse?

It's all about communication

Being able to communicate clearly using the written word and in our verbal communication is very, very important. While the word "like" has it's place in our language, using that word like a machine gun in your speech makes you sound... well immature and not very smart. Ok, dumb - like.

And now I have to go and get a bar of soap so I can wash all the likes out of my mouth - like.

Have fun and keep laughing

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