Meet Michael R Dougherty

Meet Michael R Dougherty and discover how you can become a 30 Second Business Networking Superstar.

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I'm Michael R Dougherty and I want to take a quick moment to welcome you and to answer your first question.

"what's your background when it comes to business networking?"

My experience includes marketing in broadcasting and the motion picture and healthcare industries.

And like you, I've attended lots and lots of business networking gatherings including breakfast, lunch and after work gatherings.

But while I was attending those gatherings, I was also observing the way people met new contacts and interacted with prospects.

Meet Michael R Dougherty

And as I observed the interaction, I kept seeing, what appeared to me, to be the same mistakes happening over and over.

Most business card exchanges were done poorly and more out of habit than anything else. When asked "what do you do", people really didn't have a short, well thought out answer, and when it was time for introductions - well, most we so bad that I just wanted them to be over as quickly as possible.

So I wrote "How to Become a 30 Second Business Networking Superstar" to supercharge your business networking experiences.

In addition, I knew that your business cards should be much more than a throw-away. They can and should be a very powerful business networking tool. So I also created "How to Present Your Business Cards Like a Superstar". A book and a very powerful video.

It's All About You

But while you're here, reading about me - it's really all about you.

I created this website so that you could discover valuable information that will help you transform your business networking by supercharging your "elevator speech" and creating powerful, magnetic introductions that will make your prospects want to know more about your products or services.

So take a few moments to look around this information-packed website and discover strategies that will energize you and transform your in person and online business networking.

Are you a small business owner, marketer, Multi Level representative, sales professional or entrepreneur?

The strategies you'll discover here are simple and easy to put into practice. And when you do, you'll see results.

Of course I can't guarantee your success, that's up to you.

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