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Meet Michael R Dougherty

Meet Michael R Dougherty and discover how he creates a unique connection with his audience that makes everyone feel like he's talking to them.

Michael R Dougherty, Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyondMichael R Dougherty


Yes, I'm a Calaskan -

While I was born in California, my family decided to move to Alaska when I was just three years old. And after some fancy negotiating on my part - they agreed to take me with them.

So I was born in California and raised in Alaska. And that makes me a "Calaskan."

Growing up in Alaska was a wonderful experience. The "Great Land" is an amazing place. And during my years in the 49th state, my family experienced lots of fun adventures.

When I do my show, "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond" I greet each audience member as they arrive. I ask them their name, I introduce myself and welcome them. Sometimes we talk a bit and have some fun.

And before my show begins, I start answering questions about Alaska and sometimes I even tell a short story or two before my show officially begins.

During Mike's Shows

As Mike's stories begin, He uses words to create pictures for his audience and he uses humor to transport his audience to Alaska.

Every part of Mike's show is filled with fun for his audience, including the end of his show where, if time permits, Mike takes questions from his audience about Alaska.

Can you guess what question gets asked the most?

"Have you ever seen the Northern Lights"?

The answer is "yes", and to the audience's delight, Michael te;;s his humorous version of what actually causes the Northern Lights.

Your Audience will Love Mike's Show

"Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond" is a fun show filled with unique stories about growing up in Alaska. And Mike even tells a few stories about his families adventures outside of Alaska.

Mike's show is about storytelling and fun.

Alaska... Everyone wants to know about Alaska. And if some in your audience have traveled to Alaska, or even lived there, Mike's show will bring back fond memories.

"I enjoyed Mike's show tremendously. I've been to Alaska and his show brought back great memories." Judy

Yes, your audience will want to come early and get a front row seat for this unique show that's guaranteed to make you smile.

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Meet Michael R Dougherty


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