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Meet Michael R Dougherty and discover how he became a writer and why he loves Alaska, sci-fi and westerns.

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Every since my hair turned white, people keep telling me that I look like comedian Steve Martin.

Now I'll give you a moment while you squint at my picture to see what you think -

But here's something cool. Steve Martin is an accomplished writer.

I first began writing when I was in high school.

Somewhere along the way, I read something about stories having a beginning, middle and an end. Then my English class received an assignment to write a story.

I chose to write about motorcycles, even though I didn't own one, or know much about them. But as I started writing my story, I made sure that it had a beginning, a middle and an ending. I turned in my writing assignment and forgot about it.

Then something amazing happened -

When the teacher gave us back our graded stories, I had received an "A". Then after all the stories were handed out to everyone, the teacher asked me to stand and read my story to the class. I was suddenly an author.

The Alaska Connection

Yes, I'm a Calaskan -

While I was born in California, my family decided to move to Alaska when I was just three years old. And after some fancy negotiating on my part - they agreed to take me with them.

So I was born in California and raised in Alaska. And that makes me a "Calaskan."

Growing up in Alaska was a wonderful experience. The "Great Land" is an amazing place. And during my years in the 49th state, my family experienced lots of fun adventures.

As a writer, I love telling about those days in Alaska, and bringing my readers along on the adventure.

Meet Michael R Dougherty - Sci-Fi

I fell in love with science fiction as a young boy reading comic books -

Superman, Wonder Woman, and anything having to do with outer space. But later on, I discovered old TV series like the live action Superman shows and the old Flash Gordon movie serials starring Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon and Jean Rogers as Dale Arden.

Later, when I was working in the television and motion picture industry, I got to work with Buster Crabbe and meet Jean Rogers. As a young boy I would never have believed that I would get to meet them one day. I even worked up the nerve to tell Jean Rogers that I had a crush on her character Dale Arden.

Along the way I loved watching "The Twilight Zone", "The Outer Limits" and "Night Gallery". Some of my favorite sci-fi movies include "Superman" "Star Wars" "Close Encounters".

Oh, and my wife and I love watching all those wonderful low budget sci-fi movies that they show on television.

Writing Westerns

My dad was a working cowboy in his younger years. And my mom was born and raised on a farm in a very small Texas town.

From that, it's not hard to see why I was first attracted to westerns as a small boy.

Our family lived in Texas for a time, and I remember how much I loved watching all those western one of the Dallas/Fort Worth TV stations showed on Saturday morning. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, the Lone Ranger and all the rest.

And because I worked in television and motion picture production, I was able to meet many of my cowboy heroes. Today, my wife and I still get to meet western actors and writers through our association with the Autry Museum in Los Angeles.

I suspect that writing my book, "The Long Ride Home" was a tip of the hat to both my mom and dad. My book also became a movie starring country singer Randy Travis and Oscar winner Earnest Borgnine.

Yep. Westerns are in my DNA. An that's a fact. Yee Haw.

Meet Michael R Dougherty


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