Mission Statement

Have you ever read a Mission Statement that wasn't as dry and uninteresting as a hard, cold biscuit? 

This one is all about you.

I'm on a fun mission

My mission is simple -

To transport you to a mysterious, far-off place called Alaska, through the wonders of your imagination, by telling you fun stories about growing up in the Great Land.

Everyone loves hearing stories, and as a professional humorist and storyteller, I wrote a book titled "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond".

"A super funny book that reminds us all of the foibles of growing up. Told with a great sense of humor." Bonnie

Mission Statement

My live show is based on the fun stories in my book.

My show is suitable for the entire family and can be tailored to suite your group or event.

"Mike is an exceptional entertainer. His storytelling skills help his audience visualize Alaskan life, and his wholesome, welcoming style holds his audience's attention throughout. Great fun." John

You'll Have Fun

Imagine the fun you'll have when Michael tells you some of these fun Alaska stories -

"Never Whistle at a Moose"

"The Alaska Cabin - Watch those stairs"

"Dynamite and the Alaska Outhouse"

Here's a short preview - turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy

It's All About Fun

My mission is all you and your audience having fun -

I was doing a show for an audience and after telling the last story I concluded my show. But from the audience came a request. "We want more stories."

Hearing that from my audience told me that my mission had been accomplished. My audience had been swept up in my stories. They smiled, they laughed, and they even sang along during a fun audience participation moment.

And they didn't want it to end.

Book Michael

Do you want to bring my fun show to your group, or your event?

Just send me an email or give me a call.

Our Offices

Santa Clarita, California

Phone: 661-210-9386

Or Contact Michael by email

More Fun

Have you ever visited Alaska?

Is visiting Alaska on your "bucket list"?

When people discover that I was raised way up there in Alaska, they always have questions about the 49th state.

And because I remembered and collected so many stories about my adventures in the 49th state, my wife (who was born in Anchorage, Alaska) and I have created a fun website where you can read lots of great stories about Alaska, post comments about the stories, or write your own story posts about your visit to Alaska.

Visit our AnchorageMemories you'll be glad you did.

Have fun and keep laughing

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