My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure

My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure tells the true story of then 16 year old Michael R Dougherty and his amazing experience on an Alaska fishing boat.

my alaska commercial fishing adventure

Alaska commercial fishing is the hardest, most dangerous work I have ever done in my life.

When I was only 16, my dad got me a job on a purse seiner out of the picturesque town of Cordova, Alaska on Prince William Sound.

I had no idea what a purse seiner was, but I was about to find out.

This fun short story is a great Good Lunchtime Read. And it's a true story based on my season of commercial fishing. As you read, you'll quickly find yourself aboard a fishing boat headed out to sea. You'll discover how to put out the net to catch a school of fish. And how to survive life on an Alaska fishing boat.

From "setting the net" to flipping fish into the tender scow.

Welcome aboard.

My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure

Imagine being told that you were going out to sea to work on a fishing boat -

And, that you were only 16 years old.

My summer in Cordova, Alaska on Prince William Sound started out like any teen's summer break from school. But one evening my dad came home with a bit of a surprise for me. No, it wasn't a new video game, or a cell phone. This was 1963 and those things had not yet been invented.

Now you should know that my dad did not ask me if I wanted a job as a commercial fisherman. Instead, he "informed me" that I had a job on a fishing boat.

In my book, "My Alaska Commercial Fishing Adventure" you'll go right along with me and experience life on a "purse seiner."

Through out my life, when people learn that I was raised in Alaska, I've been told over and over again by many people, that they would like to go commercial fishing in Alaska. And I always tell them to go for it.

But I wonder if they have any idea of what they would experience. Yes, TV now gives use a look at one of the hardest and most dangerous fishing jobs with "The Worlds Deadliest Catch". But working on a purse seiner is very hard and dangerous work too.

Get ready for adventure.

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