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Do you enjoy a good lunch time read?

Imagine sitting there in your favorite place to have lunch, reading a good story while enjoying your meal. There's nothing for you to do but become completely immersed in a brand new story as the cares of the day slowly melt away.

Sounds great doesn't it?

Here's a Fun Story

I nearly jumped out of my clothes -

Reading a suspense-filled story is one thing, but writing one is a very different experience.

There I was, sitting in front of my laptop, writing away on a very intense scene in my latest story. My mind was completely involved in my character's situation and the action that was swirling around my character.

The home office where I was writing was completely quiet. The only sound was the soft report of the keys as I continued to write.

In my imagination, I could see my story in my mind, as clear as if it was up there on the screen in a movie theater. I could see my character, the setting and the intense scene as it played out on the screen in my mind.

Nothing else existed. I was completely swept up in that amazing moment.

Suddenly, the door to my office flew open and my son said "dad, can I ask you something?" I leaped up out of my chair, nearly jumping out of my clothes as I grabbed at my chest gasping for air. My son was nearly as terrified as I was as he shouted "dad, are you alright?"

Moments later, after I had returned to my chair, adjusted my clothes and was able to breathe once again, my son and enjoyed a good laugh. For years after, my son and I would laughingly refer to the incident as the time my son nearly scared me to death, just by interrupting my story writing.

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