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Help, My Pants are on Fire - a friend of Mike's challenges God and the rest is just plain funny

How Not to Smoke a Pipe - what happens when you try to impress the girls?

Never Brush Your Teeth with Your Eyes Closed - Mike's drunk uncle gets a morning surprise

The Renovation Monster Ate My House - Mike and Mary do some renovating and live to say "never again"

Bury a Smoking Log - Mike ends up in his back yard in the middle of the night - in his underwear

Peat Moss Birthday Cake - what happens when Mike buys a ready made birthday cake

There was a Lizard on my Back - Mike's mom throws him out of the house because of a hitch hiking lizard

Kings of Sole - Mike and his brother start a fishing business "under" an Alaska fish cannery

Like How Many Likes do You Like Use - have you ever had a conversation "like" this one?

Time Warp - a mysterious journey with Mike and Mary to a local movie theater

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