Storytelling Videos

Storytelling videos of some of Mike's fun Alaska adventure stories.

"Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse"

A hilarious story with a surprise ending

From his live show

"Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond"

"What does an Alaskan really look Like?"

Mike has fun telling his audiences about Alaskans

Storytelling Videos

Mike Tells Stories on TV

Laugh along with Mike as he tells stories about

"The Real Northern Lights" and

"The Alaskan Cabin; The Steep Stairs of Destruction"

"Mike's stories touched my heart and I recalled my childhood days." Jeanie

Can you guess what question Mike gets asked at nearly every show?

Audiences want to know if Mike has seen the Northern Lights.

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"Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond"

Guaranteed to make you smile