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Terror on Wendigo Island tells the very funny story about when author Michael R Dougherty and his brother Tom tried to spend the night on a windy island near Cordova, Alaska.

What happens when two young teenage boys become victims of their overactive imaginations?

When author Michael R Dougherty and his younger brother Tom decided to spend a windy night camping on a small island on Odiak Slew in Cordova, Alaska, what happened became a family legend.

Have you ever heard something go "bump" in the night?

Have you ever convinced yourself that someone or something was "in your house" in the middle of the night?

In Michael R Dougherty's funny tale, you'll find yourself on an island in Alaska where the wind turns two teenage imaginations into a horrifying night of terror.

And Mike's story is based on an actual event experienced by Mike and his brother Tom while their family lived in the picturesque coastal community of Cordova, Alaska.

Do you dare to meet - the Wendigo?

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Terror on Wendigo Island

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust your picture. We are controlling transmission."

Those words were spoken on Monday nights, each week from 1963 to 1965 on the ABC television network's show "The Outer Limits", where each week, viewers were treated to engrossing science fiction stories.

Author Michael R Dougherty, his mom, dad, sister and brother were regular viewers.

One Monday evening, the show told the very scary story of an Indian legend known as "the Wendigo". An unseen monster that tormented it's victims.

That episode captured the imaginations of Mike and his younger brother Tom.

But neither Mike or Tom could know that not long after the show was broadcast, that they would remember that episode while they were camping out overnight on a windy island on a lake near Cordova, Alaska.

According to Mike, his brother Tom was afraid of the dark, but loved to watch scary movies and TV shows. Of course after watching them, Tom would sometimes remember the story and get scared all over again.

And you'll see what happened when Tom got scared, and yes, Mike too - sending them both out in the middle of a lake on a dark night in this fun story, "Terror on Wendigo Island".

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