The Time Warp

The Time Warp is a fun short story that takes you on a mysterious journey with Mike and Mary to a local movie theater.

By Michael R Dougherty

How could a 2 hour movie only last :49 minutes?

As Mary and I left a local store and got into our waiting car, we checked our car clock - it was 2:20pm.

It was a beautiful day and after doing some shopping and having a nice lunch, we were headed to a local theater where we were going to enjoy an afternoon movie that was scheduled to start at 3:15.

So far, so good -

Later, at the theater ticket window we purchased our tickets and the multiplex theater's usher directed us to auditorium 7, the screen that was showing our movie.

Because we were early, Mary and I strolled slowly, reading posters for up-coming movies as we made our way to the auditorium.

But once there, our strange journey began -

The Time Warp

As we entered auditorium 7, we were met with total silence. No loud obnoxious music, no noisy previews, just a dark auditorium. As we rounded the corner to look for a seat we discovered that auditorium 7 was totally deserted. What was going on? Before entering, we had double-checked our ticket stubs just to make sure we were going into the correct theater. So we were where we were supposed to be.

Or were we?

Moments later, Mary and I quickly left auditorium 7 and started to head for the theater usher to ask where our movie had gone. But as we started to walk down the hall, we noticed people heading quickly into auditorium 6.

"What movie are you going to see?" we asked. They answered that they were going to see the same movie we were there to see. Odd for sure, but Mary and I decided to join them.

As we entered auditorium 6, the main feature was about to start -

We quickly found some agreeable seating and settled in to see our movie.

Little did we know that our Time Warp adventure was far from over -

After our movie ended, Mary and I headed out of the auditorium, down the hall and into the theater lobby. Once there, I look at my cell phone to check the time. 


According to my cell phone it was 3:49. But that couldn't be. Our movie was scheduled to start at 3:15. How could our two hour movie have only been 34 minutes long? That time made no sense.

Moments later we were in our car once again, where we turned on the radio and headed for home. About a block away from the theater, the radio announcer says "it's 4 o'clock." Mary and I exchange glances and as if we rehearsed it we say in tandem "what's going on here?"

Suddenly, Mary looks at our car clock which reads 5:00 o'clock.

Both of us burst into hysterical laughter. There was no mystery, we had not been abducted by aliens and we had not been in a "Time Warp."

A couple of nights ago we were supposed to have set our clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings Time, you know, "spring ahead", "fall back." Well we had set all our other clocks, but we had forgotten to set our car clock back an hour.

Mystery solved -

We laughed all the way home.

But for a few hours we had been in an alternate universe of time - it was strange, but it was kinda fun.

And the popcorn tasted really good.

Have fun and keep laughing

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