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Trouble at the Lucky Lady brings old west gunfighter Gus Baxter to town where he becomes the 1800s sheriff.

Gus Baxter first rode into your reading in my book "The Long Ride Home"

In that story, Gus Baxter was an old west gunfighter who was badly wounded in an ambush by a low down bushwacker. He ended up in a small cabin being doctored up by a woman and her young son.

Now in this old west short story, Gus Baxter has become the hard fisted 1800s sheriff of a small old west town where he gets tested right away by the town's self proclaimed "He Bull".

You'll love this western tale cause there's plenty of two-fisted action and a fight at the end of the yarn that you have to read.

Enjoy this good lunch time read.

Grab Some FREE Western Action right now.

A Good Western Short Story

What do you look for in a story about the old west?

Strong characters with hard ways. Characters taming a new land. The good, the bad and some who are just plain new to this place called the old west.

Old west short stories where it's not hard to spot the good guys and the bad guys. Stories where justice comes swift and hard.

And a story with the soft touch of a frontier woman who makes her life in a hard, unforgiving land.

Yes, a good old west short story can have all this and more.

Trouble at the Lucky Lady

As promised, this 1800s western delivers -

In the first free book in this series, "The Long Ride Home", you meet Gus Baxter for the first time. But Gus isn't your typical good guy. Fact is, Baxter is an old west gunfighter. And by all counts, he's fast with a gun.

But gunfighters have to keep proving how fast they are. And no matter where they go, it seems like there's always someone that thinks they can pull a gun faster.

In "Trouble at the Lucky Lady", the second free book in this series, Gus Baxter has hung up his gun. Well sort of.

Gus has become the 1800s sheriff in a small town. He still packs a six gun, but only for dealing with hard heads and outlaws. But his gun isn't his only weapon. You see, Baxter throws a mean punch. Just ask a few of the local ranch hands who got too rowdy in town.

Do you like a good old west short story?

Then saddle up for this yarn and see how tough it can be for an old west gunfighter to wear a badge.

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